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How to Hire Flutter Developer?

Flutter has been one of the best mobile app development technologies in recent while. If you are planning to build a mobile app, you can simply not ignore Flutter, as it could offer you the best in terms of cost-to-productivity ratio. To build an app for both Android and iOS feasibly, you will need Flutter, and to hire Flutter developers efficiently, you need to keep a lot of things in mind.  

But before moving on to hiring Flutter developers, let’s talk about what it is and the benefits of creating apps using Flutter. When choosing Flutter developers for hire, everyone has different needs, and you will need to pen down all your requirements before making decisions. The blog will guide you with everything you need to know before you hire a dedicated flutter developer for your project. 

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is a framework by Google for building natively compiled applications for multiple platforms. The applications built using Flutter run on a single codebase, reducing the requirement to rewrite it every time for each separate application. Using Flutter, developers can create app screens for mobiles, desktops, and embedded systems and test them. The single codebase reduces the monotonous tasks greatly by putting all the building, designing, and testing efforts into one source code instead of multiple codes for multiple apps.  

Key Benefits of Hiring Flutter Developers 


Flutter can compile based on machine requirements and the operating system running the apps, ensuring the fastest performance each time. The compilation is one of the main reasons why people have abstained from frameworks that provide multi-platform apps, and Flutter greatly reduces the gaps by being fast, one of its core features.  


With Dart and the tools on offer, productivity is top-notch with Flutter. Features like Hot Reload enable developers to see through the real implementation of code on the DartPad itself; they can make changes on the go and keep improving. There are various other ways Flutter improves productivity by combining all the efforts into one place.  


You can deploy your creation to multiple devices with minimal effort and easily set how your apps work on each. You can push the app to mobile devices, web, desktops, and embedded systems as per your choice. The app will take the shape of the device you use it on, delivering the perfect native experience for every device you plan to deploy it on.  


You can customize each pixel, giving you the utmost flexibility compared to generic development systems. Flutter features different UI kits and elements that have been used in iOS and Android too, which you can easily use on the go wherever you deem them fit. The overall flexibility is also enhanced with Dart, which is much easier to use than conventional development languages.  

Better Workflow 

Automated testing and next-gen developer tools let you take over the control of every inch of code. The workflow on offer is smoother than most other IDEs, and combined with the customizations and toolkits available, Flutter could easily outrun the competition in terms of improved workflow.  

Extensive Support 

Alphabet owns Flutter, which kind of guarantees future support and popularity. Gone are the days when native applications were deemed class apart. Multi-platform applications are catching up, and with the reduced cost and efforts, the same can be invested elsewhere to improve the overall customer experience. You can rest assured. Flutter is here to stay for a long time, especially with the support it has from the community.  

Things to keep in mind when looking to hire Flutter developers 

  • Experience 

One of the determining factors when hiring dedicated Flutter developers for your project is the experience of the candidate. While Flutter hasn’t been around for a very long time, you would still want to hire somebody with experience. The point is more relevant here because Flutter works on a different ideology than Kotlin or Swift, where you get less with more effort.  

  • Portfolio 

Finding portfolios might be a bit difficult based on NDAs and Flutter’s recent surge in popularity. But the developers who have been associated with Flutter would certainly have something to showcase, even if it’s basic. When finding Flutter developers for hire, you need to ask them to showcase their previous works as, without it, it’s going to be tough to make a call.  

  • Client Testimonials 

Almost every active Flutter developer would have a few client testimonials to boast about. Since project development is highly dependent on the code in the case of Flutter, developers are usually directly involved in conversations. You should ask the potential candidate for client reviews and make decisions based on that. Just ensure the reviews aren’t fake, and you will be good to go.  

  • Flutter Proficiency 

To be completely honest, there hasn’t been enough time to master Flutter for most developers out there. Only the developers working in a mobile app development company get enough exposure to really develop the skills for the development and design of Flutter apps for every niche. When you hire Flutter developers, make sure you ask about their industry-specific experience and then move ahead to making decisions.  

  • Location 

If you plan to hire remotely or in-office it is going to be a big challenge when you hire dedicated Flutter developers. Most popular developers choose to be in silicon valleys, and finding experts somewhere else can get tough. You always have the option to hire remotely, but for in-office, it’s best to resort to hiring Flutter developers through a development company offering an onsite hiring model.  

Your top options to hire Flutter developers 

Staff Augmentation 

Augmenting staff from a Flutter development company can be your greatest asset in various ways. The reduced costs and increased mean experience could be the best thing to happen to your project, especially since we are discussing Flutter. Since technology is new and ever advancing, it is the development teams of engineering studios with the most experience, and hiring them could be your best choice.  

Hire Freelancers 

Finding and hiring freelancers could be both tough and easy, depending on your project requirements. While you would find plenty of dedicated Flutter developers for hire with less experience, it would be very tough to find those who have worked on complex projects. If you require developers to build a complex app, augmenting staff from a Flutter development company would be your best bet.  

Hire your own team 

Apart from the massive initial cost of setup, there are a few more challenges when hiring a team for Flutter app development. To hire Flutter developers, you need to convenience them to relocate and offer employee benefits, that is after you can find any. Top app development companies already hire the most experienced Flutter developers for massive paychecks, so you might have a hard time building your own team.  


Flutter has been fairly new compared to ongoing practices which people usually choose. But one cannot simply ignore the benefits on offer here; you can get multiple apps with minimal investment. The development tools on offer are the most advanced there have been; the design is customizable to the pixel, and all this for a source code that can be used on multiple platforms.  

If you want to hire dedicated Flutter developers, you can choose between any of the ways listed above. But if you are planning a complex app and looking for experienced developers, you should go with a Flutter app development company. We can help you build the perfect application, no matter how complex it is. Contact us now for a free consultation.  


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