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How to Develop Cloud based Training Software?

The majority of businesses today must upgrade workforce skill sets to meet the needs of continually shifting markets.

The global market for training software, which was previously anticipated to be worth US$8.9 billion in 2022, is expected to grow to US$16.7 billion by 2026 

What is cloud-based training software?

The cloud-based training software gives employees interactive training and individualized learning paths, which increases engagement and retention. It also gives business executives faster, simpler, and more accessible data on performance and growth.

Now, let’s check some,

Benefits of using Cloud-based training software!

Implementing cloud-based training software development has a lot of advantages, such as:

1. Easy onboarding

To ensure a smooth transition for every new recruit, businesses use cloud-based training software to onboard new staff.

2. Accessibility

No matter where they are physically or what device they are using, learners can access the content anytime they need to.

Ready to go Cloud Training Platforms in Market

  • Adobe Captivate: It is marketed as plug and play platform where users get prebuild content modules that help them create engaging training material. Be it a software demonstration or small set of quizzes for employees, adobe captive has array of tools to make things happen.
  • Lessonly: Primary focusing on corporates, lessonly by Seismic is one of the cloud training platforms where corporate training can be upscaled through various sub product offerings. Industry wise the products deliver engaging content, decrease trainer’s fatigue and mordenize overall corporate training experience.

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