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How to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers?

Mobile apps have been one of the most promising and fulfilling digital platforms in the modern world. Every business can leverage them for something, and the portability and performance will likely draw better results than the approach followed before. But how to hire dedicated mobile app developers seems to be the most common question when it comes to mobile app development.  

While everyone is aware of the benefits of mobile apps, they are confused about Android and iOS, technologies to choose from, and who to hire. So, before moving on to hiring dedicated app developers, you need to figure out the priors. Everyone has different needs, so we will get started with the basics and then move to how to hire dedicated mobile app developers.  

What are the top mobile operating systems? 

The mobile world is divided between Android and iOS; while there are more Android users, there’s more spending on iOS devices. There are major differences in core users as well, and the same goes for their specific likings.  


Android is an operating system by Google and is almost seen in every other phone that isn’t an iPhone. Kotlin and Java are the two core languages to build native Android apps, and those would be the developers you want in case you plan to build one.  


iOS is the operating system used in iPhones and was created by Apple. iOS is known for its fluency, timely updates, and rock-solid security, among others. Swift and C# are two of the core native iOS development languages, and you ought to find developers for these to get native apps built.  

What are the top Mobile app development technologies? 

There are various ways to go around mobile app development and hiring developers. The basic step is to choose between native and cross-platform app development. Native apps are simply those built specifically for an operating system – a separate app for Android and a separate app for iOS.  

On the other hand, cross platform apps share resources between multiple apps, so there would still be two separate apps, but a majority of code would be common between them.  

  • Swift – The top choice for native iOS app development and the one officially recommended by Apple. It is one of the most capable development languages and can be used to build any type of mobile app for iOS devices.  
  • Kotlin – Officially the top choice for Android development and much simpler than Java. This language support responsiveness for 100s of devices running Android and is as capable as it gets when it comes to powerful mobile apps.  
  • React Native – React Native is a framework derived from React and has been around quite a while now. This is used for cross-platform app development, and it boasts huge cost savings with over 90% code reusability between separate apps.  
  • Flutter – Flutter and React Native are direct competitors, and while React is owned by Facebook, Flutter is Google’s official UI toolkit. This language offers custom design elements for iOS devices specifically while supporting everything Android could offer. It boasts around the same code reusability as React Native.  

Things to keep in mind when looking to hire Mobile App developers 


The key determining factor when hiring Mobile App developers for your project is the total experience of the candidate. If you have a complex project on hand, you would probably want to avoid hiring freshers who plan to learn first. But again, that’s a very generalized statement as once you have the perfect team of mobile app developers, even freshers can work their top.  


Checking out the previous portfolio of the developers you plan to hire is hands down the best way to find the perfect developer. When hiring dedicated mobile app developers, you should always ask for previous portfolios, but keep in mind not to look at the app they built as a whole. They would probably have created some elements or components; you need to ask them for details separately.  

Client Testimonials 

In mobile app development, there are either happy clients or sad clients; there’s hardly any in between. If your potential candidates have some backing from their previous clients, you should get serious about hiring them. Mobile app development is a tough job, and if your candidate can bring clients to vouch, they probably have it in them.  

iOS Proficiency 

iOS proficiency doesn’t just come down to lines of code. The developer should and would be well aware of the basics of requirements posed by Apple for any iOS app. Flow, perfect UI, and security are some of the basic requirements when building an iOS app. You can ask your candidate what makes iOS the way it is for a user, and you will probably get your answer.  

Android Proficiency 

You would be thinking a developer should only be proficient in either Android or iOS; why both? The basic answer to that is because neither of these are about development. The mobile app world is divided between Android and iOS, and if they don’t know the basics of both and why users choose which, they might probably not be the best candidate.  


A lot of thought is going to be on the location front. Almost everyone wanted the developers to be in their location so they could call them onsite and get work done in front of them. But the times have changed. If location is a concern for you, you could be very limited with the choices. In that scenario, the best case would be to choose an onsite hiring model for a mobile app development company.  

Your Top Options to Hire Mobile App developers 

Hire Freelancers 

Hiring freelancers has been going on for a while now and has been very popular in the mobile app development area. The gig economy has a lot to do with it, but it might not be the best choice when it comes to creating functional mobile apps.  

Freelancers are hard to find, hard to hire, and many of them deem out to be highly unreliable. While you may save a few bucks and acquire a bit better talent, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth risking the project timeline for it.  

Hire your own team 

Almost every successful company moves on to hire their own development teams, but most usually do after they are at the top. The simple reason for that is hiring your mobile app development team comes with a cost and with major obligations.  

You would need an office, an entire setup for each member, more initial investment, and so on. If you plan to invest it all in your idea, hiring a team of your own might be a good choice. But given that better results can be achieved without spending a fortune, take a look at that too.  

Hire from a mobile app development company 

When you hire dedicated developers from a mobile app development company, you can be assured about the majority of things. They are professionals who build mobile apps, have ample developers available to scale, and usually hire or train them to be the best.  

You could hire a mobile app development company, go for staff augmentation, or choose from various hiring models they offer. The choice completely depends on what’s the best offering you could find, and you can begin development as soon as you hire.  

Ready to Hire your Dedicated Mobile App Developers?  

With mobile apps, you have to choose various things before moving on to actual hiring. If you face any problems at all, feel free to contact us, and our consultant will help you with everything. When you are confident you have chosen the correct platforms and technologies, you can begin to hire dedicated mobile app developers.  


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